Automatic Driving Lessons Walsall Wolverhampton

Automatic Driving Lessons

£32 Per hour
£48 For 1.5 hours
£64 For 2 hours

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Automatic Driving Lessons Walsall Wolverhampton

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Automatic Driving Lessons Walsall Wolverhampton

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 Automatic Driving Lessons in Walsall

Automatic Driving Lessons In Wolverhampton / Walsall Area.
Learn to Drive with 321 Pass

We are an Automatic Driving School based in the Wolverhampton / Walsall area covering the local areas. Our Driving School was established in 2019 we started as a husband and wife team but over time we have been able to extend our 321 pass family by introducing new instructors who we have personally taught to make sure they meet our high standards of teaching. we teach all ages and all abilities how to drive automatic cars. We have made it our aim to learn how to teach you various techniques to help you learn in the way that best suits you as everyone is different when learning. 

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Why Pay More ?

Unlike most other driving schools, Our automatic lessons are a set price with no price increases no matter what time/day you have your automatic driving lesson. Prices are as followed:

£32 for 1 hour
£48 for 1.5 hours
£64 for 2 hours

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Benefits of Learning Automatic

Automatic Driving Lessons in Walsall , Drive with no gears

No Gears

Learning how and when to change gears can be time-consuming, difficult and sometimes not possible if you have a disability. In automatic cars, you don’t need to worry about gears, so you can learn quicker, pass faster and save money.  

Easier to learn, Automatic Driving Lessons in Walsall

Easier to Learn

When you first start driving, there are a lot of new things to learn. Instead of worrying about gears as well, in automatic lessons, you can focus all of your attention on learning the rules of the road, signalling, handling and whatever else is key to you passing your test. So, you can learn with ease and gain a faster route to your driving license.



 How We Work


We know learning to drive can be daunting, so we will do our best to ensure you are comfortable, and confident and always look forward to your automatic driving lessons. We’re more like your friends and less like your teachers!


Although we have a laid-back approach, we still know how to get the job done efficiently and well. We have undergone extensive additional training, in addition to the standard training that is compulsory for all instructors, because it is important to us that the quality of service we provide in every automatic lesson, is excellent.


You can depend on us to consistently pick you up and drop you off at the agreed time, at whatever location is convenient to you around Walsall and Wolverhampton. We always give you the full 60 minutes for every hour of driving you to pay for.




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Where We Work

Our automatic driving lessons are available in the Wolverhampton and Walsall areas we do cover most local surrounding areas but If you are unsure if we cover your area please contact us and we can help you further! 

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